The ₿est symbol for sats. Always has been.

The Bitcoin symbol (₿) is recognized by billions of people around the world. Let‘s not waste this global brand recognition. Instead, let‘s redenominate.


Why is 10 000 better than 0.00010000?

People like bigger numbers

Easier economic calculation

Suited for global adoption

Respects base unit of bitcoin

Why is ₿ a better sats symbol?

Global brand recognition

Trust and legitimacy

Clarity and consistency

Unicode support

Why do we need a symbol at all?

Recognizability as money

Competitive against $

Few know what 'SAT' means

₿ the standard. For everyone, everywhere.

Utilizing a universally recognized currency symbol for global money and presenting it in a more user-friendly way can greatly accelerate worldwide Bitcoin adoption.

We encourage everyone in the Bitcoin industry to embrace this new standard. The first mobile wallet to implement the ₿ symbol and modern denomination is Bitkit. Will your favorite wallet be next?


But what about...?!

No solution is perfect, but the shortcomings of using ₿ as the sats symbol are addressable.

“But it sounds weird to call it ‘sats‘ and use the ₿ symbol”

Many have tried to come up with a currency symbol that resembles the word ‘sats‘, but none reached a consensus.

The verdict is in: it‘s either ₿ or none at all. There‘s no second ₿est.

“But sats don‘t need a currency symbol”

How do you expect people to consider bitcoin money if it doesn‘t even have a currency symbol?

“But keyboards don‘t have a ₿“

This is not ideal, but the current solutions would be even more problematic, such as repurposing an existing symbol or not having one at all, and having to use images instead.

Keyboards will add the ₿ as Bitcoin gains mindshare, but meanwhile, we have workarounds: keyboard apps such as Gboard on iOS already have ₿, owners of mechanical keyboards can customize a keycap, and ₿ is a unicode symbol, so everyone can create a keyboard shortcut.

“But people will mistakenly send 10 000 BTC instead of 0.00010000!”

Other than Saylor, not many are prone to fat-finger errors. The 21M BTC cap limits the number of whales, so few will be vulnerable to the mistake of paying 10 000 BTC instead of ₿ 10 000.

If those whales were wise enough to stack so much so soon, they would be smart enough to avoid such an error.

“But people will think they have 100M x more BTC”

And how is this a problem, exactly?

How to implement this ₿ symbol standard?

It’s pretty simple, really. 10000 SAT = ₿ 10 000.
Just follow these three steps to implement:

1. Swap your sats symbol or SAT ticker for the ₿ symbol.

2. Display ₿ 10 000 instead of ₿ 0.00010000 by default.

3. Inform and educate your users about the change.

₿ the Change.

Download various ₿ symbol assets for use in your Bitcoin project. Unicode Character ₿: U+20BF

Play ₿ The Game to get familiar with ₿ denomination.

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